Best anti virus program

  watteneer 12:47 12 Nov 10

What is a good allround antivirus software

  sunnystaines 12:57 12 Nov 10

i like norton, but various reviews give different makes.

  GaT7 13:04 12 Nov 10

I've been on AVG Free for the last 5+ years - it has never let me down. G

  northumbria61 13:05 12 Nov 10

You will get a variety of suggestions on here - it really is down to personal preference and what "works best"

I have used AVG for about 10 years now on 3 computers with little or no problems. There are many who don't like it.

As you will see from "Sunnystaines" he like Norton which obviously works for him. I personally don't - and yes I have tried it and removed it many years ago.

But the choice now is vast - or should that be AVAST !

  canarieslover 13:24 12 Nov 10

I have used Avast! for the last two years but had used AVG for several years before that. I changed due to AVG seeming to be very heavy on resources and slowing my computer down. My experiences with Norton go back to Win 98 & Win 2000 when I decided that it was becoming too intrusive and wanting to take over my computer, probably changed a lot in later incarnations, but once being annoyed with it was enough for me so I won't bother with it again.

  961 13:53 12 Nov 10

There really is no "best"

I would suggest an all in one internet security programme may be worth thinking about

I don't think you need to pay for anti virus. Avast, AVG and the rest all do the business if you can ensure that they are updating regularly

The best update several times a week.

Your ISP or your bank may provide free software

For example, Barclays on line customers can get Kaspersky Internet Security for up to 3 computers free via their web site

That's got to tell you something

  961 13:54 12 Nov 10

sorry, I meant...

"the best update several times a DAY"

  GaT7 13:57 12 Nov 10

961, thanks for the tip about Barclays & their free KIS offering. I didn't know & may just try it out as it's free :-), G

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