Berserk Mouse Cursor

  beynac 16:17 04 Feb 06

I have a fairly old Compaq Armada 7800 laptop with an 'EasyPoint III pointing device' (a little knob just above the 'B' button). The operating system is Windows NT4 SP6a. The cursor has, in the past, been inclined to wander a bit when it should be static. It has now gone berserk! If I move it, for example, to the left the cursor shoots across to the left hand side of the screen and reacts as if it is attched to the side with a piece of elastic. I tried using an old serial mouse. This is much better but still occasionally the cursor wanders or flies across the screen.

Any help would be appreciated.

  beynac 18:01 04 Feb 06


  Daveboy 22:45 04 Feb 06

This happened to my touchpad mouse, turned out to be a crumb wedged under the edge of the pad !

  Graham ® 09:27 05 Feb 06

Search on the PC for 'Crazy Mouse'. It's a joke program.

  beynac 10:44 05 Feb 06

Daveboy: Thanks. It could be a bit of grit, but I've given everything a good brush and it's still misbehaving.

Graham ®: Thank you too. A good thought. The crazymouse.exe doesn't appear to be on the computer. I've also given it a thorough virus scan.

I've reinstalled the mouse driver and tried the above. Anybody got any other thoughts?

  hzhzhz 10:49 05 Feb 06

anything here?click here

  beynac 13:58 06 Feb 06

Thanks hzhzhz, but it's not an optical mouse.

I think that I'll have to give up. The laptop is just about useable with the serial mouse (I only use it as a server for web development).

  beynac 16:02 15 Feb 06

just in case it helps anyone else.

My laptop has only been connected to the internet for very few, very short intervals. Although I have scanned it for viruses, I have never run an adware/spyware checker on it. Today I did so and found I had entries in the registry for 'Alexa'. God knows how it got there! I let AdAware delete the entries. Spybot picked up a related html page which was also deleted.

I also deleted the registry key for 'loadqm.exe' after checking through the 'run' entries.

My mouse is now behaving itself. I don't know which of these actions sorted it out. It seems too much of a coincidence for the cure to be unrelated to either of them.

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