Bent pins

  egapup 19:18 02 Jun 10

Hi, just bought a mobo and duel core cpu bundle off ebay, the seller may have been upset because I got it really cheap and didnt bother the package it proberly, the mobo is wrecked and the CPU has got bent pins down one side, is there any chance these pins can be straightened to make it useable??

  gengiscant 19:21 02 Jun 10

Get your money back as you have little chance of using the CPU.

  egapup 19:26 02 Jun 10

Yeh, i've sent them a message, waiting for a reply.

  morddwyd 19:37 02 Jun 10

Any chance?

Yes there is, but it's a very slim one.

Normally they break!

  ronalddonald 22:13 02 Jun 10

Why do peole like you order from ebay whne cant see the goods and you dont know what your getting your money for.

Go back to ebay and tell them youve been ripped of and want a refund.

  gengiscant 05:41 03 Jun 10

He has not necessarily been "ripped off" I have had poorly packaged goods from household names after buying on line. I have even worked in Parcel Force and seen how parcels are treated.
Here is a tip, never put a fragile sticker on a parcel, The words red rag and bull spring to mind when that parcel is in the delivery system.

  tullie 06:44 03 Jun 10

Do you see anything with online shopping?

  onthelimit 07:07 03 Jun 10

You do talk total rubbish sometimes - posts like yours are no help at all.

  Forum Editor 07:40 03 Jun 10

provided you set about it carefully, and depending on how many pins are bent.

Gently and slowly is the way to proceed - no sudden movements. Use a pair of eyebrow tweezers, and take your time. It's very important to get the pins perfectly aligned.

  egapup 10:25 03 Jun 10

"Why do peole like you order from ebay"
People like me?????? You dont know me and I've built a few computers with "goods" from ebay with only a couple of minor problems which were easily rectified. The comp im using now is extremely powerful and cost a fraction of what I would have had to pay in PC World or somewhere similar.
Im sending the whole lot back and getting a full refund. Thanks for all your input.

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