Benefit of SATA drive?

  wobbler 16:32 15 Sep 05

Is there any benefit in having a sata drive fitted instead of a IDE drive? What are the differences between the SATA drives? Thanks

  Chegs ® 16:58 15 Sep 05

The main difference is speed of operation.ATA133 can transfer data at approx 133Mbs/s whereas SATA is approx 150Mbs/s.There are also differences in the data cable attaching them to mobo,SATA uses a thinner cable,ATA/IDE has the familiar ribbon cables.

  DieSse 18:22 15 Sep 05

However - drives can only sustain a transfer rate well below 100MHz - it's only out of the cache that they can run faster. So a bigger cache is more advantageous than SATA per se.

  DieSse 18:24 15 Sep 05

PS - your motherboard has to support SATA, or yu will need to fit a SATA controller board.

Also SATA drives can be more problematical if you use them as your main drive, when you first install an OS.

  bremner 18:31 15 Sep 05

Currently the biggest advantage of a SATA drive is the small size of the cable.

This provides for better airflow in the box and therefore better cooling.

Only when the SATA 300 comes on line will there be any noticable improvement in transfer speeds.

  GaT7 18:37 15 Sep 05

You can learn all about SATA from click here. G

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