phildux 12:24 08 May 05

is there somewhere online i can benchmark my graphics card and get realistic results, what is a good mark?

  Joe R 12:30 08 May 05

click here

Download the free version of 3d mark 03,

for a comparison, just type into google "futuremark 3d 03 benchmark results"

My own system, AMD64 3200, 2Gb (4x512 pc3200 running in dual channel) and a club 3d 6600GT, returns a score of 8791.

  garrema 12:59 08 May 05

A good mark is one which is consistent with your system - us the Futuremark online results browser. Ultimately its what works for whichever game you wish to play.
Anything over 10000 3d 03 marks is good. Indeed ~12 months ago that was regarded as stratospheric.
Don't bother with 3d mark 05 since unless you have a new/good system the numbers will leave you with a frown.

  dagwoood 16:26 08 May 05

Further to garrema's post, here's the download page for different benchmarking programs available from The Guru of 3D click here

Aquamark is another good benchmarking program.

HTH, dagwoood.

  DieSse 17:11 08 May 05

However, no benchmarks will make it run any faster!!

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