Belkin Wireless Router/Modem

  TheBhoys1 17:43 05 Dec 09

I recently bought a Belkin F5D7632-4, to set it up the instructions said I should type into my web browser and it would start the set-up wizard, but when I do that all I get is "Internet Explorer cannot display website".

I've made sure that the ethernet, phone and power cables are all connected but still can't get it to work.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks

  ame 21:06 05 Dec 09

Perhaps check that the ethernet card etc in your pc is working ok by going to control panel, system, hardware, device manager, network adapters?

  mgmcc 21:55 05 Dec 09

In order to access the router via its IP address of, your network adapter *MUST* have an IP address in the same Subnet (IP address range). If it doesn't have a 192.168.2.x address allocated by the router's DHCP server, temporarily give it a fixed address such as with Subnet Mask

Once you have everything configured correctly, revert to automatic IP addressing by setting *BOTH* IP address and DNS Server address back to getting their addresses automatically.

  TheBhoys1 23:34 31 Dec 09

Thank you for the help, I am not the best with computers and I have tried what has been suggested but it still doesn't seem to run the router set-up wizard, does anyone have any other ideas?

Many thanks


How are your devices connected?

Is the router you installed giving you internet access?

  TheBhoys1 19:22 01 Jan 10

I will try that other address

The router/modem is connected to the PC with an ethernet cable, and also connected to the telephone line.

No, I can't get it to install at all.

  mgmcc 21:05 01 Jan 10

Belkin routers definitely have the IP address - entering won't work.

Typing that address into your web browser will (should) open the router's configuration pages so that you can set it up, but the PC's network adapter MUST have an IP address in the range to with Subnet Mask

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