belkin wireless router

  dippydon 14:11 04 Aug 07

should the wireless router be uninstalled from the desktop pc if no longer required ?.

  X™ 14:28 04 Aug 07

If you are not using at all, then maybe it's a good idea. What was it used for, what's plugged it into it?

If you want to share files and printers (providing the computer that these are used on is switched on) then no. You can use this facillity(sp) wirelessly.

  dippydon 14:44 04 Aug 07

ta....i installed it for the other half who got herself a 2nd user laptop(terrible time it took too).now shes not interested in the laptop anymore,i wondered with all the ping pong and other settings i had to change/alter/etc etc etc if i could just plug back in the speedtouch modem.i,m sure too that there was an internet performance slowdown after going that possible ?.ta

  Totally-braindead 14:46 04 Aug 07

Read what I said on this thread about my speedtouch modem click here depending on the speed you get you might be better of with your Belkin.

  dippydon 15:50 04 Aug 07

cheers for that...right clicking local area connection status in control panel read out is:
speed: 100.0 mbps
activity:sent 8,304 received 10,508 not a clue if good/bad.

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