Belkin wireless cable router what to do next?

Hi all you techies

Not a problem but need some advice
I have set up my wirless router and all is working as it should. can connect to net and transfer files between computers great.

the question is about security I have enabled security on the set up utillity to WPA/WPA2-personal(PSK) but when i enter the
i can see my password when i check the box that says obsure PSK then i cannot connect and lose connection on laptops. can anybody type in to the address and see my information who are within range of my network.

any answers would be appreciated

  postie24 19:21 22 Aug 07

Do you mean obscure the SSID?

sorry typo Yes should read obscure

  brundle 00:15 23 Aug 07

If you're using WPA2 and a decent passkey you're safe. Disabling SSID will stop it showing for the average user, but there is plenty of software around that can pick up networks that are not showing SSID - NetStumbler for example.

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