Belkin router. Slow internet speed

  bobjbarker 17 Aug 11

I have set up a new Belkin N wireless modem router (F5D8636uk4A v2022uk).

I am experiencing greatly reduced internet speeds when using this router wired through Powerline Ethernet Bridge plugs compared to using the same plugs and cables with my previous D-Link DSL-G604T modem router.

Wireless or wired directly out of the back seems fine, the slow speed is when wired out the back through the Powerline plugs.

My ISP is TalkTalk.

Belkin telephone support suggested changing MTU from 1454 to 1492 but this has made no difference.

Apart from going through the standard Belkin set up wizard for my ISP and changing the MTU I have made no other configuration changes.

Can anyone suggest anything else I could try to increase the speed through the Powerline plugs with the Belkin router?

Many thanks in advance

  mgmcc 19 Aug 11

In a PC connected via the Powerline plugs, go into the Network Connections folder ("Start > Run", type ncpa.cpl and click OK) and double click the entry for the Local Area Connection. This will display its Status - what "Speed" does that show?

With a direct connection to the router this would normally be 100Mbps. Via the Powerline plugs, it may be less but, if it's ridiculously slow, then there is a problem with the network. It has nothing to do with the ISP or MTU settings, that is the internet side of things, you problem is in the LAN.

  bobjbarker 19 Aug 11

Thanks for the response. I'll look at that.

I have noticed if I have another device which draws from the internet plugged directly into the back of the router in addition to the wired connection to the Powerline plugs then the internet speed of the PC connected through the Powerline plugs is great.

Disconnect the other device and the speed slows down again.

I've fed this observation back to Belkin Support also.


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