Belkin router reliability

  A&D 12:29 03 Apr 07

I have had two Belkin routers each of which have gone belly up after about a year of use. Am I just unlucky? Any suggestions for more reliable makes?

  Strawballs 12:50 03 Apr 07

I have been using a Linksys now for about 2 years

  A&D 14:04 03 Apr 07

"a Linksys"

Thanks, it's worth a try.

  PP321 19:25 03 Apr 07

linksys are the best (in my oppinion)

but belkin are good as well..think youve just been unlucky

  A&D 17:59 04 Apr 07

Further update.
I was browsing through one of the Bullguard security forums and came across a report of the Bullguard firewall blocking someone's router. I have put my router IP address into the Bullguard firewall as a trusted address and I am pleased o say the router IS working and I can get web connections to my desktop and laptop.
Sorry to doubt you Belkin!!

  Strawballs 19:30 04 Apr 07

Glad it's sorted one to remember!!

  A&D 20:04 04 Apr 07

A you say Strawballs, but one thought has just occurred. If my router IP address is now recognised as trustworthy by the firewall does this mean that everything that comes via the router is trustworthy? If so I had better revert pretty quick.

  mocha 07:52 06 Apr 07

Your Firewall is now allowing you to access the router, but it will be doing it's job in preventing unwanted traffic.

  A&D 09:51 06 Apr 07

Thanks mocha, I am relieved.

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