Belkin router ip help blocking

  Spudyuk 23:17 26 Mar 12

Need help dads gf is downloading big files and not paying a penny ahhhh using utorrent I need somehow to block her access to utorrent or Internet access using belkins ip address for router really getting to me now Please help everything is lagging can't change password as he will know something's up

Many thanks in advanced


  bobbybowls 10:27 27 Mar 12

I've not got a belkin router so don't know the lay out of the configuration pages, but you should be able to block the URL of utorrent. my settings are in the firewall tab.

  Kennew 22:36 28 Mar 12

We can't block access to Particular website in Belkin Router I believe.

But we can block a particular computer connecting to the Router by


This feature lets you set up a list of allowed clients. When you enable this feature, you must enter the MAC address of each client on your network to allow network access to each.

  Spudyuk 09:42 29 Mar 12

I've tried but not enough room to fill in mac address do u know how sample or something


  Kennew 11:20 29 Mar 12

You can try turning off DHCP server.

Go to the Link, http://Router. Go to LAN settings on the Left side, and turn off DHCP Server.

DHCP Server The DHCP server function makes setting up a network very easy by assigning IP addresses to each computer on the network. The DHCP Server can be turned off if necessary. Turning off the DHCP server will require you to manually set a Static IP address in each computer on your network. The IP pool is the range of IP addresses set aside for dynamic assignment to the computers on your network. The default is 2-100 (99 computers) if you want to change this number, you can by entering a new starting and ending IP address and clicking on "Apply Changes".

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