Belkin router - not working

  chriseyeone 00:28 10 Oct 06


I'm currently trying to set up a Belkin Wireless G Cable/DSL Router (model F5D7230-4) so as to run a wireless network, with one computer attached the router by wire. After having problems, in trying out various solutions I switched on the "access point" option - which was claimed to bypass firewall and security settings.

After doing this I have been unable to access to alter the router settings - and the Belkin installation program has failed to connect with the router - although the router seems to be working within the parameters I had set whilst I was able to get into

I have attempted a hardware reset through the little button on the back of the router, but this does not seem to have restored the router back to factory settings.

All firewalls have been turned off but this has not fixed the problem.

Short of writing it down as a technical fault and taking it back to the shop for a replacement, does anyone have any suggestions?

  Danoh 08:27 10 Oct 06

When you clicked "Enable", what IP address did you specify for the router?
Try typing that into your browser.

Failing which, you will need to find some way of resetting the router back to its factory settings.

BTW, the "Access Point" option is to turn the Router into an Access box only, but as part of another network.
It does bypass the Router's Firewall and security settings as the network it is to be placed in would already have its own security setup.
It has nothing to do with any of your problems.

I would strongly advise you to read up on what networking principles, how Routers, Access Points work and why they are necessary.
Hope that has helped just a little.

  Danoh 08:29 10 Oct 06

Sorry, press and HOLD down the reset button for a longer period of time to revert back to factory settings.

  scotty 12:43 10 Oct 06

I think you need to power up the router with the reset button held in to do a full reset (at least three hands needed to do this!)
Belkin are not very good at documenting the reset procedure for their routers.

As Danoh says, the IP address for your router has been changed and if you do not know the value you can only reset the router. I had a similar experience with a Belkin router where another router changed the Belkin's IP address when I was messing about trying to set it up initially. I was on the point of returning the router as it was faulty when I found the explanation for reseting which was different to the Belkin user manual instructions..

  scotty 12:55 10 Oct 06

Found this at click here so perhaps it is just a matter of length of time:

This article describes how to reset the router to factory default

More Info
This article assumes you cannot access the routers web interface.

With the router powered on, press and hold the reset button for exactly
seven seconds, this will restore the router to factory default.

Note: By default the password on the router is left blank, and the
default IP address is

  chriseyeone 19:13 10 Oct 06

Thanks for all your replies; it does make sense that the IP address has been changed, which would explain why I can't get onto the web access page.

I will try the long reset later tonight - fingers' crossed that'll fix it!

  Danoh 00:30 11 Oct 06

Good luck! After your reset, the Belkin installation CD will guide you through ~ just make sure you follow every step exactly.
All it will not do is set up security automatically for you. Once you're ready to do that but are not sure, start a new thread and I'm sure we'll all try to help.

  emineden 13:45 01 Jan 07

can someone please advise as the difference between LAN and 1394 connection.

  postie24 19:23 01 Jan 07

1394 is more commonly known as Firewire and can be used to network two Firewire-equipped systems together, in addition to its ability to connect to peripherals such as digital cameras, camcorders, and external hard drives.

Since Firewire has a 15ft cable length limitation, its networking uses are limited to quick system-to-system connections for file transfer purposes, running at speeds between 12.5 to 50Mbps.


  kristain 07:32 09 Sep 11


Drivers are links between the Belkin routers connected to your system and the Operating System. Issues with the Belkin router drivers would affect the functioning of the router. Users experiencing set-up or configuring issues are requested to check the router drivers installed in the system and then replace the drivers if they are found to be incompatible/illegitimate or outdated. Checking the drivers before starting with the set-up would help prevent such problems from cropping up.

  onthelimit1 20:15 09 Sep 11

kristain - check the date - this is a 4 yr old thread FGS!


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