Belkin network client ip filters

  Spudyuk 22 Mar 12

How do I block a laptops Internet using client ip filter . When I put in details says I have not put in the full ip address I'm on routers ip address and I hate the person downloading its laggin everything

Plz plz help


  mgmcc 22 Mar 12

Filtering by IP address won't necessarily work because, if the Laptop in question gets its IP address by DHCP, the address can change. If it is connecting "wirelessly", you'd be better blocking it with MAC address filtering.

Your router should show those computers which are connected to it together with the MAC address of their network adapters. Enable MAC address filtering and then enter the MAC address of those computers that you do want to allow to connect.

This does mean that the Laptop whose address you haven't added won't have access to either the Local Area Network or the Internet.

  Spudyuk 23 Mar 12

Ok can u give advice on any router where it has god features to disable people using programs ie utorrent he has about thirty things downloading and it's taking the mick ty so much for helping

  john bunyan 23 Mar 12

Surely if you change your wireless network password and reset your pc's the "Rogue" on will not have access?(WPA) See here:

  Spudyuk 23 Mar 12

What ?

  john bunyan 23 Mar 12
  john bunyan 23 Mar 12

Spudyuk. What do you mean by What? I assume you have secured your wireless router with a WAP password. If so how can the rogue pc use it unless he has your password?.

  Spudyuk 26 Mar 12

It's not that problem mate it's sucre I mean the person is on the net which I don't mind it's the downloading big files and masking my stuff I e videos lag I need to just block his net when I want but without the use of changing password I was thinking mac address thing but not sure how to do it .

  john bunyan 27 Mar 12

Maybe if you connect your pc by ethernet cable, and turn off the wireless of your router when you want to stop wireless access to him. Otherwise just warn him you will change password if he persists. Cann't help further.


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