Belkin n1 wireless router

  gidster 17:55 05 Apr 08

ive just had a new replacement lap top which has vista on.but now its stays connected for about 10mins then loses it for a couple of mins and the internet world sign starts flashing orange and then it connects again. its doing my head in and my sons as hes got an xbox and plays on live but its impossible as it keeps disconnecting and re-connecting. any help would be great


  gidster 16:15 09 May 08

anyone any ideas? it lasts a bit longer now maybe 30mins to an hour,but doesnt reconnect itself so i have to switch all the power off. ive had it about 2 yrs is it time for a new one?

any recommendations?

  m4819 07:28 10 May 08

I had exactly the same problem and it was driving me crazy. You have not fully described your set up so I will explain mine and see if it fits.
I have a D-Link ADSL modem which is hard wired to my NI Router. The N1 router is also hard wired to my PC to give me back up should the wireless network go down.

After much research, the problem I found was that both the modem and the router were running DHCP servers ( these assign the IP addresses to your network ). As a result of this the network became confused and just went down. The rule is that you must have only one DHCP server on a network

The solution was as follows

1. Do not use the modem as your primary gateway - change it to bridge mode - usually ppoe llc - this disables the routing capabilities in the modem and send the data directly to the N1 router

2. The connection on the N1 router is probably set to dynamic - change this to the settings recommended by your internet provider probably ppoe etc enter the user name and password given by your provider in the router ( to be clear the modem no longer contains the user name and password)

3. Restart all and then hopefully a steady service will ensue.



  gidster 09:34 08 Jun 08

thank you mate i will give it a whirl.

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