belkin N1 wireless router

  gidster 09 Jun 11

hi , ive got a wireless router a belkin N1 . im connected through virgin running 2 xboxs on live,laptop and 3 ipods and phones and mainly its fine but today it loses connection after about half an hour and i have to reset it.

my question is does anyone know wshat the correct set up of the router should be? by that i mean on the set up page for the router on the internet? because theres loads of options to turn this on turn that off and ive not got a clue,basiclly ive just left it as it is. should i have security on it ? does lose connection when someone else trys to connect?

ive done a speed and ping test and they are spot on,so its got to be something im not doing. sorry about all the questions.


  Vintage90 09 Jun 11

Firstly yes, you do need security on. You have a choice between the older WEP or the newer more secure WPA. But Windows 7 64 bit does not like WPA.

As long as your email, and Internet access are all working, then the best thing to do is have a good look at the manual, You have a lot of devices attached, are they hard wired or wireless?

In my Draytek thread I have posted a query about WPA and Windows 7. Mine never drops out, has a DTS system, A Regza television attached by cable, and I use my iPad and laptop wirelessly.

One thing you could try is the UPNP setting. It's most likely disabled by default, but remember where it lives when you find it so you can disable it again if it doesn't help!

A lot of menus really should be left alone, if you want to play, you will also find a backup entry somewhere in the system. This will allow you to restore the router to exactly the same settings as before you made changes. Save it to your desktop for easy access.

  gidster 10 Jun 11

hi yeah all my devices are wireless, and at the moment it seems to be fine,what i did was change the channel. if i put the security on the router will there be issues connecting all my devices?


  Crosstrainer2 10 Jun 11

You mean your running without security? Okay.

Start with. Backup you current config you know it works.

Then start with WEP, simple to do should not effect anything.

If that works (backup config again)


This might not work, but if you have got that backup, you can return to where you are now.


  gidster 11 Jun 11

got security on know, think its wpa and eveything connects nicely had an issue with the xboxs but sorted it know.

cheers folks


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