Belkin Modem/Router - Web Pages Slow

  fsbb 13:54 10 Feb 08

I have purchased a Belkin Modem/Router Wireless G+ MIMO F5D9630uk4A. Disconnected my USB modem from desktop PC and connected the Belkin via ethernet, set up using the express configuration utility (entered my ORANGE ISP logon name, password, ISP, Country)and connected to internet without difficulty (modem transfer speed 100).

However, the problem I have is the internet sites and pages take forever to appear on screen. Sometimes part page appears then seems to freeze. Other times home pages appear but subsequent pages don't.

The modem came with G+ MIMO USB wireless adapter. Wireless internet connection OK (modem transfer speed 54)but have same problem re page loading.

As a test I connected via wireless to an unsecured Belkin in local area (modem transfer speed 24) and internet sites/pages loaded instantly.

The modem MTU was set at 1432. brundle, in my Network Forum posting, suggested I change the MTU. I have changed this in various scales from 1400 to 1492 without success.

I have also pinged my ORANGE ISP in scales from 1400 to 1492 but response was either 'timed out' or 'defragment of packets needed'.

I have never had any problem with my USB modem.

It seems to be a modem/router issue. Any help would be appreciated. I have had no response as yet from Belkin Tech Support.

ISP Orange BB ADSL speed 6.6 mbps
Windows XP SP2

  fsbb 19:41 10 Feb 08


  fsbb 11:23 11 Feb 08

Any help would be appreciated

  silverous 13:38 11 Feb 08

I'm thinking either the router is faulty, or that there is a configuration somewhere that is still setup for the modem rather than the router.

I presume you are using the wireless USB adaptor when you get this issue? What if you use a wired connection - does it go away? We need to eliminate wireless from the equation and assess whether the router has internet issues.

  fsbb 21:42 16 Feb 08

Faulty Modem. Exchanged it - now no problem


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