Belkin Generic USB hub driver Windows 98

  norman.hamilton.50 19:57 03 Jan 09

I am trying to get an old Win 98 (FE) laptop working again. Only one USB port - slow version.

Have portable Belkin Generic USB hub which claims to work with Win 98 - but can't find driver to download onto a USB stick to transfer to the laptop.

Ang guidance please?

Thanks in advance.


  brundle 20:27 03 Jan 09

This has worked for me in the past, when Win98 won't recognise USB devices (not just USB flash drives) ; click here

  MaxUpload 09:38 04 Jan 09

I use one of these and the part number is F5U021.

If you can get the part number off the back of yours there could be more help at - click here

  norman.hamilton.50 10:14 04 Jan 09

Thank you so much to the two members who have responded already.

I am now fairly well sorted out, thanks to you two folks.

I hugely appreciate your help! And for giving it so promptly.


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