Belkin G+ Mimo Router/ Vista & Security

  happy-sushi 17:57 24 Jul 07


First post, so appologies if not in right helproom.

Know nothing about routers at all.

Am trying to find info on the following - to make sense of what an equally clueless friend is asking me.

The Belkin G+ Mimo Router 802.11g she has been given.

Is it Vista compatatible?

Does this router have a built in firewall?

If it does, do you have to disable software firewall?

Could you still run existing software firewall/ antivirus as well if you wanted to?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:36 24 Jul 07

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) you might as well, no point in going OTT.
4) run an AV but there is no point or advantage in running a software firewall.


  happi-sushi 18:47 24 Jul 07

Okay. Thanks for help.

One final question - will it cause problems if she does leave software firewall on?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:22 24 Jul 07

It could possibly cause a conflict but there is absolutely no need to leave it on. The less things running, the better.


  Ashrich 20:23 24 Jul 07

It won't cause any problems at all leaving a software firewall on , in fact , unless you know how to really properly configure the firewall on the router I would actually recommend a software one , Comodo in particular is excellent .


  James1947 20:26 24 Jul 07

I run both my Belkin Router firewall and a software (AVG) one at the same time without conflict.

  cream. 20:29 24 Jul 07

Same here. I use the router firewall and software one.

No problems.

  happi-sushi 23:19 24 Jul 07

Okay ... thanks guys for help.

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