belkin f5d7632uk4 router/modem keeps disconnecting

  Rickyv 23:10 10 Jul 05

My belking f5d7632uk4 adsl router and modem keeps disconnecting on its own. How can i stop it from disconnecting from the internet. Please help. thank you

  Mikè 23:23 10 Jul 05

have you tried altering the routers idle setting?

  Rickyv 23:26 10 Jul 05

where can i find this setting?

  Mikè 23:37 10 Jul 05

I deon't have a belkin, but it's usually in the Wan setup, possibly where you had to store your username ect.

  Mikè 23:41 10 Jul 05

Here's a pic of the setting click here

  Taff36 07:31 11 Jul 05

The wireless network is often interrupted.
1. Move your wireless PC closer to the Router to find a better signal.
2. There may also be interference, possibly caused by a microwave oven or 2.4GHz cordless phones. Change the location of the Router or use a different wireless channel.

  keith-236785 08:33 11 Jul 05

on my belkin cable router, you type into your web browser address bar.....

to get to the setup pages

take a look around but if you change things, write down what you changed so you can go back and unso if it hasnt helped.

  Rickyv 10:26 11 Jul 05

its not usually the actual network that goes down, it is the modem downstairs which keeps disconnecting. i bought a adsl modem and router built in to get rid of my old modem, but this one is frequently disconnecting and can take ages to reconnect.

  keith-236785 11:11 11 Jul 05

check the properties for the modem, there may be a setting that says "disconnect when idle for X minutes" X is normally set as 5 but yours may be different. there may also be an option to turn off the setting.

right click the modem and choose properties.

good luck

  Rickyv 12:24 11 Jul 05

as i had no software to install for the router and modem there is no icon to click to go onto the modem properties as far as i can see.

  Rickyv 17:52 11 Jul 05

please any more ideas, the internet is still disconnecting on its own.

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