Belkin 4x4 Auto Switch and USB Printing Support!

  HighTower 19:14 03 Feb 04

Hi all,

Today I picked up a Belkin USB hub / switch which apparently lets up to 4 computers connect to 4 usb devices and through software you can operate the switch to get control of the item of your choice.

My PC is connected to this hub, and a Canon and a Brother Printer, an Epson Scanner and a label writing machine are all connected to the hub.

The hub / switch thingy can tell me that the items are all connected, and I can get control of them, only problem is that the software labels the printers as "USB Printing Support" rather than specifically which printer, therefore I have three printers all labelled the same thing but I can't tell which is which. The scanner is labelled correctly.

If I go into my Device Manager I have three items called "USB Printing Support", which when I look carefully at the properties of I can see which one relates to which printer.

Anyone got any ideas how I can relabel these items or see which printer is which?


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