Beeps from computor on start-up

  gkford 10:57 12 Jan 03
  gkford 10:57 12 Jan 03

My clever daughter has just built up a computor for herself, it works fine but she is worried that no beep is emitted on start-up. She says it should give off a certain number of beeps which indicate that things are working alright (or not). I tell her that mine does not bleep either so thers no problem. I think she would be happy if she could produce a beep.

  powerless 11:02 12 Jan 03

It can beep to indicate that there is probelm or it can beep to indicate there is not a problem.

Two computers in my house the one upstairs beeps once, but there is no problem.

The computer i am on now typing this does not beep at all.


  1st RHA 11:04 12 Jan 03

I SEEM TO REMEMBER OLDER SYSTEMS SOMETIMES GAVE YOU A SINGLE STARTUP BEEP (oops caps lock) tell her not to worry and sit down to a chablis to celebrate.

  brianthesnail 11:35 12 Jan 03

Is the speaker in the case connected? Note this is different to any other sound system you may have.

If it works OK, don't worry about it!!


  BlueMeanie 12:58 12 Jan 03

Well Done young lady

As the above comments, perhaps the speaker cable is not plugged in correctly.

To check - Break The Computer !!, ie remove the graphiics card and/or the memory sticks and power on the PC. Error bleeps should then be heard.


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