Been hijacked?

  VoG II 22:53 20 Jan 05

If you have then you have my sympathy. But please do not post links to the hijacking site. Less experienced users may click here when invited and end up in exactly the same boat. This may give you a sense of community but is not desirable.

So, to use a fictional example, don't post click here but instead

  johnnyrocker 23:34 20 Jan 05

for a minute there i thought 'is that possible?' then i read your post;))


  end 23:58 20 Jan 05

anything is possible, but I too did a "double-take" and re-read the posting::))

it is a valid point and worth stating ; I too have clicked on a click-here and thought i had been infected; nasty feeling :(

  Nellie2 00:05 21 Jan 05

I would also say that if you are looking at a hijack log posted by someone else then please don't click on the click here links in the log.

If someone is having problems then you can almost guarrantee that one or two of the urls in the log are bad ones!

  johnnyrocker 00:06 21 Jan 05

very true o wise one.


  CurlyWhirly 00:52 21 Jan 05

Erm.... I get the post now as I didn't know what everyone was on about! (blush)

  Sethhaniel 08:18 21 Jan 05

Fictional ???? 94% of computers have been hijacked by this firm :)
And according to PCA the otehr 6% by a Giant Penguin ;)

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