BBCiplayer Download Manager and Kontiki

  Chillie 22:12 18 Jul 08

Good evening

Could anyone advise how to uninstall this programme?

It is not in 'Add/Remove'. The entry in the 'Start Menu' does not offer uninstall.

Only possible way seems to be uninstalling Kontiki, which I can see in 'Program Files', but again, no way to uninstall.

Any help would be appreciated.


  Halmer 22:40 18 Jul 08
  Halmer 22:43 18 Jul 08

I downloaded BBCIplayer and then wondered what he heck this Kontiki was after uninstalling the iplayer. I used KClean succesfully.

  Chillie 10:13 19 Jul 08

Done and dusted.

Sky Player also uses Kontiki, a resource P2P grabber. Obviously now unable to view Sky News!!

Once again many thanks for the advice


  Halmer 13:39 19 Jul 08

Glad it's sorted.

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