To BB or not to BB

  Tycho 21:46 18 Jun 05

I cannot make up my mind whether or not to go for broadband. At the moment I am using NTL dialup which cost £15 per month with £15 worth of free calls. This seemed quite economical when my daughter was at home but since she has moved away the call usage has dropped to £3.75 per month! Which means that I am paying £11.25 for the privelage of having unlimited dialup.

I have been readig in PCA about BB ISP's and find that I cannot, presumeably because of my location in most rurla Leicestershire, get the best buy UKOnline at £10 per month but I can get a package for £18/month. The additional cost of about £6.75 for BB sounds quite a good deal until I read in the forum pages about the amount of down time there seems to be with some BB connections. The odd 10minutes her or 6 hours there. At least with NTL dialup the connection is very reliable. (100% over the last year, I believe) Is down time a frequent problem with BB?


  howard60 21:49 18 Jun 05

I have been with bulldog for the last 14 months since I moved and have not had one down time from them. I would rather not have a pc than go back to dial up.

  VoG II 21:50 18 Jun 05

It will change your life.

  dan11 21:53 18 Jun 05

My BB connection has been down once, in two years. Two hours after a thunderstorm.

Go BB, you won't regret it and you can use the phone while on-line.:-))

  ton 21:58 18 Jun 05

Never had any downtime with BB in 2years.

  octal 21:59 18 Jun 05

I'm on NTL broadband and its only be off once in the last couple of years. That was in the morning, it was back by the evening.

  Tycho 21:59 18 Jun 05

Bulldog can't offer me anything on this BT line :-(

  Completealias 23:56 18 Jun 05

I've just signed up with tiscali £15.99 a month for 512 speed and a 30gig cap limit. Can't let you know how reliable they'll be but it seemed good value to me

  josie mayhem 00:01 19 Jun 05

Another one to look at is onetel, the only downtime I had, was totaly my own fault, long story but to cut it short, I hadn't paid the bill, but one phone call (with dd card) and with less than a hour all up and running again.

At the moment they seem to being some good packages that combine, calls 2mb broadband and moile ect.

  CurlyWhirly 00:29 19 Jun 05

I agree with VoG™.
It really WILL change your life.
I say go for it as broadband is now in some cases as cheap as dial-up!

  Kev.Ifty 01:03 19 Jun 05

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