battlefield problems

  Daveboy1976 02:33 15 Mar 04


When i play battlefield online my player move really slowly. Everyone moves fine, but i dont. I have uninstalled it and deleted the folder and then reinstalled, but the same happens. I play mewdal of honor online as well and that plays fine. Any ideas?


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:20 15 Mar 04

Battlefield is a real network hog you need a BB conection of at least 512, 1meg would be better
and even then it can be real slow depending on the server and how many players/bots there are the DC mod plays like a pig sometimes on my BB connection but sometimes it whistles along also,it uses a heck of a lot of ram and swop file so make sure you have defraged the hdd if you dont have a lot of ram available, try turning the game settings down like textures and lighting may go a bit faster turn background tasks off since they put PB in the game it has slowed no end looking for updates from the PB server.


  Daveboy1976 12:31 15 Mar 04

It did work ok but i had some disk problems, part of my hard drives corrupted, so I moved my program files onto another drive and run the game. The HD has been defragged and cleared up. I have 512 adsl connection and it was still a little slow before. No tho, only my character moves really slow. It seems to speed up a little if I play for a while, but it is really slow. Even driving vehical. It takes about 5 seconds for them to even move. Everone else is fine tho and i can jump into a tank/plane (if i can get ther on time lol) and everything moves fine its only when I try and run.

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