Battlefield 2 and connection

  scooby43 19:39 26 Sep 05

hi all anyone experience what I have got. Saturday I played BF2 and it was fine, today any server I get onto it cuts me off saying:
"your connection to the server has been lost" This happens like in 1 minute into the game.

  scooby43 08:19 27 Sep 05


  Chegs ® 09:03 27 Sep 05

Busy servers.Keep trying,preferably at a different time of day.

  scooby43 10:09 27 Sep 05

Worked fine saturday since yesterday it dosnt.
I tried my clan server today its empty and I still get disconnected it cant be.

If I leave my self idle it cuts me off after a min, I have emailed EA and reinstalled the game and the patch 1.02 still the same.

  BigMoFoT 12:50 27 Sep 05

be your actual internet connection thats causing the problem? Any updates to any firewall software etc...

  scooby43 15:13 27 Sep 05

I actually have no other firewall apart from my router.

  Baz70 15:29 27 Sep 05

This is a known issue with Battlefield 2. If you do a search of the problem you will find hundreds of posts detailing the same thing. So far EA have made no official statement regarding this. As far as I can glean it is a problem with the game which hopefully will be fixed in a forthcoming patch. I hope so at least because a few of my friends are having the same problem, sometimes they can stay logged onto a server for hours and sometimes for no longer than a couple of minutes! They have tried everything suggested on the various forums with no luck so far,

Let`s hope something is done about it soon.

  Spen 17:36 27 Sep 05

Battlefield 2 is such an idiosyncratic, cantankerous old bugger. A complete system hog that's crashtastic and EA even pulled the 1.02 patch because it did more damage than good.

That said, it's also the best online multiplayer action game I've ever played and worth every second of pain. Despite the fact that you spend about as much time finding and getting in to a server as you do playing.
Top Tip -only go in server's that are set to 3 rounds per map so you don't have to load up each time.

Dice/EA was meant to have the 1.03 patch out in Aug but it's late. Fingers crossed it sorts out alot of issues.

Spencer Dalziel

Hardware Editor

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