Battery rebirth

  scubaseven 09:59 15 Apr 09

Is it possible to "rebirth" a laptop battery, so to speak?
I have heard that if you put a mobile phone in the freezer it will reset it and give you more life.
My laptop battery now only lasts for about 20mins and I either need a new one or some radical trick to fix it.
Any suggestions?

  birdface 10:22 15 Apr 09

Never heard of putting it in the freezer before I have heard of putting it in the bin.

I suppose its like any other battery you are supposed to let the charge run out every now and then and then recharge them.
Not sure if it is the same with laptop batteries or not.

  jack 10:45 15 Apr 09

The label should tell you,Li-On, Cadmium, etc.
Then Google for that type you should then be able to get the low down on performance and treatment.

Some types of battery have a 'memory' so to speak.
Meaning if it is recharged in a part discharged state, it will only 'remember' the last charging and the rest of the capacity lies dormant.
So a Google and may be Wiki will tell you more

  scubaseven 10:49 15 Apr 09

It is a Li-On battery
will look into it

  Diemmess 11:06 15 Apr 09

click here
Lithium ion batteries are dying from the beginning and cooling in a fridge will only delay the end, not revive them.

Since each cell will provide around 3v the complete battery will have several cells in series, and premature failure of one cell could make the whole thing useless.

Various safety devices are built in to avoid risk from inappropriate charge rates and there is nothing you can do [safely] to revive it.

  scubaseven 11:17 15 Apr 09

Thank you
I searched it and got the info
I tested it out
Played an AVI file and it went dead in 4 minutes
Time for a new battery

  peter99co 12:48 15 Apr 09

I have found Maplin can be worth checking out

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