Battery Life

  russ-rich 13:27 11 Jun 07

In the old days I seem to remember that batteries had a memory in that if you did not discharge them totally before recharging then it progressively lost some of its 'life'. Indeed this seems to have happened to my son's laptop in that he has it on the mains most of the time and now without that it only has a life of 30 minutes.
However, does that really still happen or is it more likely it is a faulty battery?

Thanks in advance

  Strawballs 13:32 11 Jun 07

How old is the Laptop? because unless it is old that should not happen as modern batteries are not NiCad any more and they are the one's that had memory, mine does the same as your son's but it is 2.5yrs old.

  russ-rich 13:35 11 Jun 07

Hi Strawballs,

It is in fact just 2 years old - I hadn't realised that it was the NiCad batteries which were the problem

  Strawballs 14:20 11 Jun 07

Just checked mine and it is a LI-ION like NI-MH as in mobile phone's don't have a memory that is why the rechargeable one's I use for things like camera's and bicycle lights are NI-MH as they are much better and last longer.

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