is this battery failure

  joe95 11:10 17 Aug 07

My daughter's PC time and date needs adjusting everyday, it is switched off completely every evening.
PC is 3yrs old running XP Home with all the updates.

  Chris1986 11:24 17 Aug 07

Yes, the battery on the motherboard stores all the data from the data and time to the hard drive setup, it is a standard battery that you can buy from most places. remove the battery from the computer first, take it with you (making sure the PC is off), replace it with the one and resest the time and data.

This is hopfully be the only time you will need to do this for a few years.

Hope this helps,


  Taff™ 11:35 17 Aug 07

No! Don`t remove the battery because it will reset the BIOS. The battery is a round flat one like a camera battery, probably with a number CR2032 on it. Make a note of the number and buy a replacement. Unplug the computer and quickly flip the old one out and install the new one. If you`re lucky you wont lose the settings.

  Taff™ 11:36 17 Aug 07

Full instructions click here

  norman47 11:42 17 Aug 07

" it is switched off completely every evening. "

If you shut the computer down but leave the electricity socket switched on, so it has power to the psu, the computer will keep all the CMOS data. This is because the computer will draw a minute amount of power and bypass the CMOS battery.

  joe95 14:46 17 Aug 07

will do
Thanks everyone

  Taff™ 16:47 17 Aug 07

Post back if you have a further problem with this operation.

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