Battery Dead on Motherboard OLD PC.

  Demora 23:19 23 Jun 13


I have an old Tiny PC Pentium P133 and I'll be blowed if I can find where the Battery is hidden on the motherboard. I took the fan and heatsink off, Not there. I don't have much to go on either.

Any pointers Please.


  lotvic 23:56 23 Jun 13

Can you take a photo of the motherboard and post a link to the image.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:10 24 Jun 13

You have actually named the CPU (Pentium P133) and not the PC model number so pretty difficult to find the relevant motherboard specs.

  Batch 09:25 24 Jun 13

This may seem like a daft question - but do you know what mobo batteries look like?

I just wondered if you're maybe looking for something liek an AA or AAA battery when it will be a button cell battery (typically a CR2032 I think, like

  Demora 11:24 24 Jun 13

Yes I do know what a CMOS Battery looks like. Having dealt with PCs since 1993. Just because I'm female and Blonde doesn't mean my HEAD is empty. I'm not offended BTW.

Having Built 2 of my own pcs I'm pretty sure I know 'WHAT' I'm lookingh for.

This is a very old pc and I know it works BUT I need to put a new battery in as I have the usual startup error mesesage.

Posting a picture on photo Bucket.


  Demora 11:51 24 Jun 13
  Demora 11:53 24 Jun 13

Forgot to mention that under the ribbon cables there are memory slots (x4) plus a longer slot for different memory chip. also IDE conections etc.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:28 24 Jun 13

Got me beat looking at that image.

  northumbria61 12:35 24 Jun 13

Demora - It is certainly an old PC so is it possible that the battery is soldered onto the motherboard as opposed to the modern coin cell type CMOS batteries?

Take a look at this link and see if there is anything that will help you. From the picture that you have supplied I can't see anything - I don't know if anyone else can? Note: the link is only relating to an old PC and not yours in particular.

enter link description here

  lotvic 13:08 24 Jun 13

Demora, you should have used the Direct Link to your pic (you might want to ask FE to delete the link you posted..)

  lotvic 13:32 24 Jun 13

It could be the old ODIN monolith type, here's pictures and stuff. Battery seems to be under a rectangle plastic casing. (I didn't read all of it)

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