Batch delete selected OE messages in Deleted folder

  Grandad99 22:13 PM 29 Jan 13

I've accumulated a lot (3,000+)of messages in my Outlook Express Deleted folder and scattered among them are some that I want to keep.

I seem to have just 2 options - delete everything in one action or delete each file individually. Is there a way to mark and delete the unwanted files in batches?

  lotvic 01:04 AM 30 Jan 13

To delete for example say 6 consecutive emails:

Click on the first email so it is highlighted

Hold down the Shift key and click on email number 6

Now all 6 emails will be highlighted and you can press Delete on your keyboard.

To delete for example emails numbers 1, 4, 6 (keeping 2,3,5)

Click on the email 1 so it is highlighted

Hold down Ctrl (keep it pressed) and in turn click on email 4 then on email 6.

Now emails 1,4, 6 will be highlighted and you can press Delete

To Delete the lot (3000+) you click on a blank part or any email and then on your keyboard hold down Ctrl and press A and the whole lot will be selected highlighted and you can press Delete on your keyboard.

  lotvic 01:09 AM 30 Jan 13

I would have thought it would have been easier to move the ones you want to keep out of the Deleted folder? then you can just empty the Deleted folder as per normal (rightclick it and choose empty) You may also find the Find function to be of use when you are searching for particular emails in there.

  lotvic 01:14 AM 30 Jan 13

To move an email to another folder, either just drag and drop or you can rightclick on it and choose from the options.


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