Basic Server & Site Security

  soundsphere 05:45 09 Mar 06


I always wanted to post such a question on a forum for some good advices.

At the moment I have installed:

Apache v2.0.52
phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl3

I am testing things only locally at the moment and everything works fine. But I would like to know...

1. What are the real basic and needed security setting changes in the configuration files of apache, php, and mysql files, assuming that the server is online/public on a windows system and not on a provider ?

2. What are the best current latest WORKING version of the above applications so that a dynamic site can work without problems of incompatibility and also without security weakness ?

3. Is PostNuke or Joomla a secure solution itself or is it all based on how secure the Server or the OS is ?

.. I know that the most secure way is a Unix based OS like Linux, but i am not there yet. I would be very glad if I knew some more about security issues that have to do with the server itself and then move on learning Linux.

I would be thankful if I could have some advices

  Forum Editor 20:10 09 Mar 06

do I take it that you're running (or planning to run) a public access web server?

If so, have you made appropriate bandwidth arrangements with your ISP? If you haven't it might be an idea to check with them before you go any further.

  soundsphere 11:13 10 Mar 06

thanks for your advice, but could you be more specific ?

"..testing things locally at the moment .." means that I am planning to ..

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