Basic advice needed regarding using a microphone.

  edenworkshops 30 Mar 12


I want to record myself playing the guitar on my PC.

I know a little about the PC but nothing about using a microphone.

I guess the mike would be plugged into one of the small jack sockets at the back of the PC, coloured pink, green and blue. Would the mike be plugged into just one of these sockets? If so which one?

I dont need fantastic quality, a reasonable basic mike would do.

I hope to get one on eBay, what size jack plug should I be looking for...3.5mm?

Thank you


  Nontek 30 Mar 12

The mic fits into the PINK Minijack socket.

  edenworkshops 30 Mar 12


What size jack plug should I be looking for?


  Nontek 30 Mar 12

Normally it is a Standard Mini-jack, you will find that all Mic's and relevant Sockets on PC's are Standard Mini-jack 3.5mm

But then, you need to identify the software you'll be using to make the recording. Audacity is free and very good.

Note that an alternative to the 3.5mm minijack is a USB microphone. Like this, for example.

  Forum Editor 31 Mar 12

Are we talking about an electric guitar?

If we are, the simplest way is to connect the headphone/line out from your amp to the line in socket on your soundcard. All you need to do this is a cable which has a standard jack on one end, and a mini-jack on the other.


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