Baseline security analyzer

  seventiesdolly 10:52 08 Nov 05

I have run the above programm several times, and it is reporting that my guest account is not disabled - well, it is turned OFF, but is this the same as 'disabled'?
Also, it reports that my 'restrict anonymous' is set to '0' when ideally, it should be set to '2'!
How do I correct these? My reports are classed as 'severe risks' and i'm panicking. Thanks for any help.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:09 08 Nov 05

Don't panic - there is nothing to concern you here.

Are you a home user? Do you have a network? What sort of internet connection?

Generally speaking, if you have a firewall and a decent AV program, you are as safe as you need to be. The MS BSA is really a tool for large networks.

  seventiesdolly 11:15 08 Nov 05

I am running XP home, dial-up connection (aol),
windows firewall at the mo, did have outpost but it started blocking any secure sites I attempted to access, NIS 2005 and usual syware progs ie; spybot, A squared, ad aware etc. I am a sucker for doing any of these 'security' checks and the results always frighten the life out of me....

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