Bargain Hard Drive?

  shaduf 14:52 23 Mar 03

QVC the shopping channel are selling an Archos 60Gb External Hard Drive for £139.It's 7200 rpm and USB 2.0. Is this a bargain?
I'd quite like another drive an an external at this price would save me some hassle. Would it be quick enough though?

  MAJ 14:56 23 Mar 03

Yeah I was watching that, shaduf, the missus had to hold me back. Looks good.

  hugh-265156 15:33 23 Mar 03
  david4637 16:48 23 Mar 03

Are there any snags with an external HD? I could only run it on USB1 OS - W98SE. Thanks David

  powerless 16:54 23 Mar 03


If your going to be transferring large amounts of data it could take it's time.

  explicitlyrics100 19:50 23 Mar 03

heh thatd be like overnight or something wouldnt it?

  powerless 20:45 23 Mar 03

Not sure, was never good at maths :-(



1 hour and 30 mins to transfer 1GB...

...I stand to be corrected.

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