Barebones,drivers 1st or xp?

  phillyw 10:18 15 Jul 06

Hi,just got a barebones pc,when i fit HDrive and dvd writer etc,do i install the driver disc that came with the moboard 1st or the xp home disc? Always had PC's with everything setup before this so i'm not sure correct order,any help appreciated.

  brundle 10:22 15 Jul 06

cant install drivers other than raid/sata without an OS, XP first

  phillyw 10:35 15 Jul 06

Cheers Brundle,so i just install xp home and then run the driver disc,how will i know what drivers need to be installed,or am i asking a stupid question?

  brundle 10:45 15 Jul 06

xp will load drivers for anything it recognises, once
the install is finished check for unrecognised hardware in device manager, or just follow the wizard if the `new hardware` dialog appears.
best practise is to install motherboard drivers first, then graphics drivers. the order of other devices isnt critical. there should be no drivers needed for a dvdrw

  Stuartli 11:20 15 Jul 06

>>there should be no drivers needed for a dvdrw>>

Windows automatically installs its own CDROM driver for all optical devices - it's all that is required.

Using the DVD rewriter is down to burning programs such as Nero.

  phillyw 11:31 15 Jul 06

Thanks everyone,i knew i'd get good advice on here,cheers.

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