Barebones system

  Martin12 00:55 29 Apr 07

I have just purchased a barebones sysytem, a case, processer, memory & a motherboard.
Is it just wishful thinking that I can just put my old hard drive with XP etc on it and it will work.
Do I have to format and load from scratch?

  MAJ 00:56 29 Apr 07

Always worth a try, Martin12, but my guess is that you'll have to reinstall Windows.

  Snec 01:30 29 Apr 07

I've done it in the past Martin12 but be aware you'll have some driver issues. In all truth though it is better to do a nice fresh and clean installation, bearing in mind you will probably be keeping the machine for some time.

  Diversion 01:47 29 Apr 07

You may have problems with actiivation, eg: one copy of Windows to one computer. With the new motherboard it is like installing into another computer.

  Strawballs 09:49 29 Apr 07

I have done just that with my brother-inlaws PC, the MoBo died and I could not get hold of one exactly the same so I just put in a different one and as I expected iXP home wanted re-activating so I phone Microsoft and explained and after assuring them that it the software was only on that one machine they gave me a mile long actvation code.

  Stuartli 11:30 29 Apr 07

All you need to do (XP doesn't always "take" to a new motherboard) is to undertake an XP Repair immediately after completely the system build with your current HDD.


click here

for details to save me typing it all out.

Note that you have to select Repair and NOT Recovery Console at the beginning. Have your XP key ready if necessary.

  Stuartli 11:31 29 Apr 07

I've had two new motherboards in the last 15 months and just done an XP Repair each time.

  Strawballs 12:07 29 Apr 07

Thanks that is a handy tip the re-activation root is long winded especially when struggling to understand what they are saying.

  Martin12 21:25 29 Apr 07

I put the hard drive in and and it worked first time!!!!!

I had to put motherboard drivers etc in, but I had it working in less than an hour

Thanks for your advice.

  p;3 21:32 29 Apr 07

and now how are you going to 'protect' it from 'unwanted/unwelcom visitors' ?

  Martin12 21:48 29 Apr 07

AVG, Spybot,Adaware,Zonealarm etc. Thanks for the concern

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