"Barebones" computer

  Bad Dad 22:32 16 Sep 04

I want to run a screen saver on the ceiling of my dental surgery and play MP3 files. I'll use a 19" lcd monitor and was going to build a cheap PC with old bits and bobs I've got. Only need a case with PSU and motherboard. I came across a site selling "barebones" PC's for under £100. Don't want to appear stupid but what can I expect in the box?

Any help greatly appreciated.

PS Is there a limit to the length of a monitor cable and can you get them custom made or just join several together?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:36 16 Sep 04

Check out the specs of the barebones system.

As for monitor leads, I don't know the maximum but I have used 3 x 2 metre cables in the past with now problems.

Oh, and I wish you were my dentist... I am going there on Monday and anything would be more interesting than counting the little holes in the tiles on the ceiling. :-}

  stalion 22:37 16 Sep 04

I like something to get my teeth in to,no stop it
info here click here

  Bad Dad 22:49 16 Sep 04

Thanks for the help both of you. Excellent web site, stalion.

  ton 23:39 16 Sep 04

Find what you need here click here

I have used this company a few times, good service.

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