Bar at foot of screen

  Hamish I 11:00 04 Jan 05

I'm not sure what this bar is called (toolbar?), but it has moved and is now tucked away vertically up the left-hand side. I've tried dragging it back, but it will only move sideways till it occupies half the screen. Right-clicking on it hasn't helped matters. Any ideas, please, as to what I can do to restore it to its normal position?

  Eric10 11:06 04 Jan 05

It's called the Taskbar. Right-click on it and make sure there isn't a tick against "Lock the Taskbar". If there is, just click it to remove it. Now left-click and hold down the mouse button on a blank area of it and drag it back to the bottom.

  Gongoozler 11:09 04 Jan 05

Hi Hamish I. If you left click and drag the taskbar from the edge, when the cursor turns into a double-headed arrow, you can expand it across the screen. If you left click on a blank part of the bar near the bottom (somewhere just above the "Show hidden icons" button), you should be able to drag it back to the bottom of the screen. If you right click on the blank part of the taskbar and then left click on "Lock the Taskbar", you will prevent this happening again.

  Hamish I 18:50 04 Jan 05

Thanks to Eric 10 and Gongoozler. Their advice solved the problem

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