bank detail fraud

  haggis ok 10:16 20 Jan 06

like everone im getting more and more emails from banks asking for my details even tho I dont have an account with whatever bank,clearly someone tring to defraud me ,but where/who do I report this to?

  Monument 10:26 20 Jan 06

Don't report it to anyone, just delete the emails. There are literally thousands of these generated daily, we all get them.

  Monument 10:29 20 Jan 06

Generally these phishing attacks originate in Eastern Europe. Be assured that no bank, eBay, paypal or any other financial agency will send you an email asking for you to supply your details. You are not being singled out.

  haggis ok 10:31 20 Jan 06

thankyou monument I just wanted to make sure I did the right thing.

  rmcqua 10:50 20 Jan 06

I've never had a single one of these, though I accept that it is a common problem these days. I do quite a bit of on-line purchasing and I have 2 internet bank accounts. I wonder what makes some of us apparently get singled out for this whilst others escape. Any ideas?

  Monument 10:55 20 Jan 06

My wife literally only uses the internet to shop at Tesco's and Amazon yet she gets on average 10 of these emails a week.

Likewise the kids, they get dozens.

I spend half my life on the web, using a number of email addresses and make purchases all over the place. I can count on one hand the number I have received in the last year.

There does not appear to be rhyme nor reason behind it.

  spuds 11:08 20 Jan 06

The banks and companies that these scams suppose come from, are fully aware of them.

There are quite a number of anti-phishing forums and advice groups on the internet. Here is just one of them click here

  €dstowe 11:10 20 Jan 06

Had twenty of so from PayPal this morning telling me my account had been hijacked by some foreign company and the click on the link immediately to confirm my details.

You would think that they would at least make some attempt not to arouse suspicion by sending only a single message, wouldn't you.

BTW. I don't have a PayPal account.

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