Bank Account Compromise

  Legslip 05 Jul 11

My friend runs a small business and his bank has shut his accounts on account of funds being illegally withdrawn. The bank say it is because of lack of security on his computers (3 x desktops & a server). All run Avast Free Edition.

Avast does find Win32:Malware-gen on the server M: Drive and does not seem to remove it.

Can anyone suggest what steps to take in order to ensure that all his PC's are fully secure?

  Nontek 05 Jul 11

If that really is ALL the security he has on his computers then surely it is not surprising that his details have been compromised.

As well as Anti-virus he should have at least one or two Anti-Malware programs, like MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware for instance. Also a good Firewall is essential, something like the paid-for Sunbelt Personal Firewall.

For a business-man he is not showing much business sense IMHO.

  lotvic 05 Jul 11

Avast Free Edition is for personal use not Business.

Suggest you have a look at avast business page and compare the protection of just the free version with the protection for the pro version and Internet Security. Server Protection is in the Business section so best to look at both the Home and Business tabs for more info to give to your friend.

  Legslip 05 Jul 11

Sorry Nontek, I should have been a little more detailed. He DOESstrong text have Malewarbytes & SuperAntispyware installed on all PC's as well.

Also, sorry Lotvic but many, many small businesses run their PC's on free Antivirus and do so without problem albeit not in line with the suppliers conditions. I do know a few PC engineers and they are quite happy to install free software on Bus. PC's.

However, what I am not sure of is wether his accounts have been hacked because of his POSSIBLE PC insecurity or by other means. My pal who is a PC Engineer thinks that this may be as a result of random Account Generators form elsewhere accessing his bank account direct.

Mmmm.. just want to ensure we close the doors!

  lotvic 05 Jul 11

Legslip, I wasn't finding fault with using the free version, it was just to say to compare the versions.

  Snrub 06 Jul 11

Many banks advise using programs like Trusteer Rapport which ensure your login is to a recognised bank website and not being redirected through servers and diverted to other sites, it also prevents key logging activities and password protection. This is of course in addition to a proper, updated, working firewall and Anti-virus which does frequent scans to check for malware. A realtime antivirus program is preferable if not essential.

  Legslip 06 Jul 11

Lotvic. Appreciate your reply and understand your comment(s). Glad you participate. Good luck. Legslip.

  rdave13 06 Jul 11

Try a boot-time scan with Avast to remove the malware.

  proudfoot 06 Jul 11

Snrub. I use Rapport which I think is excellent on my PC and my wife's laptop, but I think it is only to prevent key logging when entering log in details on sites, not business computers receiving data from client/customers rtc.

  Legslip 06 Jul 11

rdave13 - will try as suggested. Many thanks all for the input. Have scheduled regular scans with Avast, malewarebytes & Superantispyware. Fingers crossed!! legslip


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