Bagle 0 virus

  Roland Butter 17:45 13 Apr 04

Norton AV popup states that my email (with attachment) has been rejected by my ISP (Virgin) as it identified that it could contain the Bagle 0 virus. I have checked my virus definitions/engine - and all are up to date and show that I am virus free. I have also done an on-line scan with mcafee - just to be sure - which came back clear, but I knew that, I just had to try. I have run spy bot and all clear.
So why am I getting the returned mail. Is it my ISP that has the problem?

  johnnyrocker 17:47 13 Apr 04

did you actually send the mail in the first place?


  Roland Butter 17:50 13 Apr 04

yep. Half way through it being scanned on its way out the Norton message appeared. I can send messages OK without attachments - but that's not the point of course

  johnnyrocker 17:53 13 Apr 04

maybe your norton security settings are too stringent. is there a facility for further configuration? especially if you have updated recently.


  Roland Butter 18:02 13 Apr 04

all settings remain unchanged ie as was before problem. I have also tried sending attachments which were previously OK.
I guess sometimes life is just full of S**! and other times we just pay tax and die.
Thanks anyhow

  cycoze 18:06 13 Apr 04

"I can send messages OK without attachments - but that's not the point of course" Ah but it is the point as W32.Beagle.O/W32.Bagle.Q etc does not use an attachment as a method of infection ! I realise this doent solve your problem but its worth noting.

  Roland Butter 18:12 13 Apr 04

cycoze - are you are telling me that the virus is not in the attachment. I must therefor assume that the pop-up message is dubious.

  cycoze 18:27 13 Apr 04

I am saying that particular virus does not propagate/spread by use of an attachment , look at click here , scroll down to `distribution` it says "There is no attachment".

As the virus can send its self using its own mailing engine an infected machines user probably wouldnt realise its sending out , it can infect exe files (what sort of attachment were you sending?).

  cycoze 18:31 13 Apr 04

I`m not saying the popup msg is dubious , need to look into that , just pointing out that the virus does not need to use an attachment , the virus will also spoof the senders address.

  Roland Butter 18:31 13 Apr 04

cycoze - I have tried word and excel 2000 files and jpegs.
Any message with an attachment gets bounced back from the ISP

  lucky1 18:33 13 Apr 04

If you use Outlook Express that could be blocking your emails with attachments. Have you checked your settings in that?

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