Baffled by settings

  red imp 22:27 23 Jan 04

Hello ,
I've got a Hitachi deskstar 80 gig ATA100 HD, but when I go into device manager and check the IDE properties or if I run an info program it says it's set to UDMA2. Am I right to believe that ATA100 is UDMA5. Could anybody please advise me of a way of changing this setting as I've tried to no avail and I'm sure it's slowing the system up.


  LastChip 22:49 23 Jan 04

Are you using an 80 strand data cable?

If not, you will not achieve the highest performance the drive is capable of.

An UDMA/100 Drive is actually ATA-6.

I don't know of any way to change the settings. They are normally configured by the operating system.

  red imp 22:54 23 Jan 04

How can I tell if it's 80 strand? That's probably a silly question, but I'm very new to this computer game.

  kimi 03 23:01 23 Jan 04

can not reconnect scanner

  Gary7 23:03 23 Jan 04

An 80-strand has thinner looking conductors than the normal (err - old fashioned) 40-strand type. But the dead giveaway is that it will have a BLUE plug on one end, which must go into a blue socket on the motherboard.

The old-fashioned UDMA33 cables had 3 black connectors. The UDMA66+ cables have 1x blue and 2x black.

  Djohn 23:04 23 Jan 04

red imp All my drives where shown as UDMA and CD-R drives as DMA. Since my last up-date from the M/S site the other day, they now all have a "2" tagged on the end.

  LastChip 23:08 23 Jan 04

It will be almost impossible to count acurately a complete data ribbon, but if you get to about 40 and your half way across, that's good enough.

Other than floppy data cables, they only come in 40 and 80 strand varieties, so you will soon see which one it is.

It's also worth checking that it's been plugged into the dedicated connector on the motherboard, normally coloured blue. Check for more information in your motherboard manual.

  red imp 23:12 23 Jan 04

Thanks for all the input, I am now gonna open her up as it were and have a delve inside.

  Gary7 23:26 23 Jan 04

P.S. If you've got a UDMA100 hard disk + cable, don't also connect it to a CDROM or CDR/W drive using the same cable. Use the second channel for those. If you do, the whole channel is slowed down to the speed of the slowest device, for obvious reasons.

UDMA100 HDD = Channel 0 or IDE0 (blue conn.)
CDROM etc = Channel 1 or IDE1 (black conn.)

  red imp 23:33 23 Jan 04

Been inside case, and done some counting.

got- 40 strand cable to HD, 40 strand cable to floppy, 80 strand to DVD drive and then a small 80 strand connector from dvd to cdrw.

So would it be worthwhile me getting a new cable for HD?

  LastChip 23:38 23 Jan 04

You cannot get full performance with a 40 strand cable.

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