Irene40 20:30 12 Nov 06

windows xp computor hasnt been going right wont boot up properly, put windows xp cd in while booting up then windows setup came up started doing something but then a blue screen came up with this saying bad_pool_header what does this mean? ty

  VoG II 20:38 12 Nov 06

Did you mean bad_pool_caller click here

  cream. 20:45 12 Nov 06

Do you have netgear hardware? then have a look at click here

  skidzy 20:46 12 Nov 06

It looks like you have a driver conflict somewhere,do you have the mobo driver and utilities disc...if so,try that.Though XP should load the generic drivers ok.

  Irene40 22:45 12 Nov 06

sorry was away there takin the dog for a walk,ok when does the driver and utilities disc go in cause the comp cant boot up to windows,safe mode any other way doesnt work,umm netgear i aint sure bout that one..

  Irene40 22:46 12 Nov 06

ohhh had to double check there it is header not caller vog

  skidzy 23:07 12 Nov 06

After reading a previous thread of yours Irene,try making the cd-rom the first bootable option in the bios. This link may help click here

click here

  Irene40 23:25 12 Nov 06

achh cheers there skidzy very helpful information there im just printing out those two links ya send me and gonna follow them through, ill let you know the outcome cheers again

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