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  cina 10:18 15 Sep 03

Machine is now 4 yearts old, and op sys win98se, not one problem. i now have problem playing cd's. have tried winamp, musicmatch, win media player and more. you would not believe what they mess up. speakers OK. has anybody got the most simplest cd player, no frills,nothing. i am going through a Pogues and Dylan detox. Please help before i get the anti depressants out.

Many thanks

  AndySD 10:39 15 Sep 03

I use click here foobar

  seedie 10:39 15 Sep 03

Have you been doing your house keeping?

Try mycomputer/left click c:/click on properties/look for clean up. When done click on tools tab and choose defrag.


  Taff36 10:56 15 Sep 03

Didn`t Windows 98 include a no frills CD player called "CD Player" or was that only in Windows 95? Worth checking your original set up disk to see if it was there. Go into ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS and check which components were installed originally and see if the option is there.

  cina 11:53 15 Sep 03

tried foobar,inserted disc in both drives, nothing, still too complicated for dumbo like me.
anybody got antything simpler. have checked activex and other settings OK. new CD.

  AndySD 12:03 15 Sep 03

In foobar go Playlist then Open and find your CD

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