Bad download speeds with wireless, even with a good connection

  Pringles6990 22 Apr 11

I have recently noticed that my download speed has reduced, a lot. It used to be fine, like using an Ethernet cable with 1 - 1.5 megabyte/s download speeds but lately its been really low, like 40 kilobytes/s. My wireless status says: 'excellent 54 megabits/s' and I'm not sure what's wrong, I'm using a TP-Link TL-WN350GD 54Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter.

Any ideas?


  rdave13 22 Apr 11

Try running speedtest to check what download speeds you're getting. More info here dslreports

  Pringles6990 22 Apr 11

I have, many times, my download speed is usually about 0.7 Mbps when I check, the same as my upload >.<

  woodchip 22 Apr 11

Turn your router of for about 1 minute. then turn it back on to make a new connection

  spuds 22 Apr 11

Then try a ping test link text

  961 22 Apr 11

You are confusing wireless speeds with download speeds via your router from the internet

Go here and read through the site

  Pringles6990 23 Apr 11

No, my router is fine, if I use a cable or my mums laptop i get good download speeds, so its my wireless card, but if it has a good connection to the router, surely the download speeds would be better but i dont get good download speeds

  kidsis 23 Apr 11

on the problem computer, if you try in safe mode with networking does the speed improve?

  Woolwell 23 Apr 11

As 961 has stated the download speed to the router will not be the same as your wireless connection to it. You will invariably get a better speed connecting by cable to a router than wirelessly. There are a number of factors that can affect wireless speed eg distance from router, layout of house, channel being used, how many are sharing it and whether b,g or n standard. I see that your card is a b,g only. What is your router? Is it n standard and your mum's laptop also n?

  Pringles6990 25 Apr 11

But surely with a connection faster than what my ISP provides I should get the max download speed that I can in my area?

My router is a DSL-2640R, and it came with our Internet package, im not sure what my mums laptop has but it was what was standard with a dell inspiron 5000 series or something, im not to sure, also what's bg only?

  woodchip 25 Apr 11

Try downloading and running TCP Optimizer, Make a backup of your settings first using the program, before you optimize using the default settings.

Link icon is not showing so copy paste this address into your Web Browser then press enter key


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