Backup tape problems

  griffo 10:37 26 Feb 03

we have an old HP Colorado T1000 tape drive. Recently, it started asking for a second tape to be installed during a selective backup. Last week the second tape broke and before we could get a new tape and complete a fresh backup the HDD file allocation table became corrupted and we have had to install a new disk. We have managed to retrieve most of our data but having managed to repair the broken tape (it had just become detached at one end - although we did lose about 3 inches of tape in the process), the tape appears empty!

Any ideas on whether the tape is blank or just not being read and what can/should we do?

Sorry this is lengthy.

  stlucia 11:01 26 Feb 03

Just a starter for 10 -- could it be that the lost 3" of tape contain the tape equivalent of the FAT file? Without it, you normal software will think that the tape is blank.

But you may be able to recover the data with some clever software. I'm sure other contributors will come up with something soon ...

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