Backup software that will work with a tape drive

  TomG 16:04 23 Oct 05


Does anyone know ofa backup program that will work with a Quantum DLT 7000 tape drive?

I've tried Windows backup but that doesn't recognise the drive (which shows up in device manager but not in my computer).

  octal 16:07 23 Oct 05
  octal 16:10 23 Oct 05

Sorry, I should have amplified my 'click here' try downloading the driver for it.

  TomG 16:20 23 Oct 05

Thanks Octal - I've downloaded the drivers for the drive - is there something on the page you have suggested that I've missed and answers my question?

  woodchip 16:24 23 Oct 05

windows backup works with tape

  TomG 16:27 23 Oct 05

That's what I thought woodchip - I'm a bit puzzled why the drive isn't showing up i my computer, its in device manager (which says its working fine) and shows at boot up.

  octal 16:27 23 Oct 05

No not really, we use a similar drive at work, provided the correct driver is installed it should work. I must admit the CD ROM which came with the drive had software on it to use with the drive. I was having a look on that site to see if they offered the software as well, but it doesn't look like they do, shame.

I'm surprised Windows doesn't recognise it though, if its XP I thought it picked up everything, obviously I'm wrong ;-)

  TomG 16:29 23 Oct 05

I'm using win2k - the drive is powering up ok and takes a tape. I've sent a email to quantum to see wht they think

  TomG 18:25 24 Oct 05


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