Backup software

  KBH 16:13 20 Mar 05

I recently posted on here asking for help which I thankfully received. I had to restore my system from scratch. I had a Norton Ghost image but that let me down.

I have not reinsalled any Norton Products because getting any help from them is just about impossible.

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy disk image system.


  mattyc_92 16:18 20 Mar 05

Acronis True Image is the best as I haven't recieved any problems with it since I brought it (unlike ghost).... click here

  alan227 16:19 20 Mar 05

I also use Acronis and havw not had a problem with it.

  KBH 16:23 20 Mar 05

My that was a super fast response thank you I will go with your experience.

  spuds 19:41 20 Mar 05

Check your local newsagents,Acronis as been available on a couple of computer magazines cd cover disks recently. I use Genie Back-Up Manager, which was also available as a cover disk recently. A trial version of Genie can be obtained via click here

  spuds 19:45 20 Mar 05

The link above is incorrect,do not use it. Try the correct one click here

  MIke 19:47 20 Mar 05

The March 2005 Issue of PC Format magazine has a full working version Of Acronis True Image Deluxe. A cut down version of True Image 8

  KBH 21:05 20 Mar 05

Mike wish I'd known that sooner I have just bought it, so far not having much luck three tries at backing up but every time the check says the backup is corrupted.

I have closed all running programs tried no compression now don't know what to do.

I have an AMD 3000+ WXP Pro with a fresh install any advice anyone?

  MIke 18:59 21 Mar 05

I've had problems with Acronis too. Though not the same as yourself. Try their e-mail support. It's free and reasonably quick I got reply in about 4 days

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