backup and restore xp to win7

  tony-guitar 10 Jun 12

Hi guys, i have a 10 year old xp pc with sp3 and all current updates. its ok( but rather slow) and i recently backed up my emails, 'my documents', and ''media' files to my external Buffalo MiniStation using Paragon Backup and Recovery 2011 SE from the PC Advisor DVD, March 2012. I'm now seriously considering a new pc which of course will have Win7 installed. I have 2 main questions. 1) If i install this program on the new pc, will i be able to restore my files on the new pc? 2) Regarding the emails, i currently use Outlook 2000 (from Office 2000) and expect to either install Office 2010 (the version that inc Outlook) or i can buy just Outlook 2010. Will i be able to recover all my backed up emails to Outlook 2010 on the new pc. Thanks in advance for your assistance - Tony

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Jun 12

May be this will help pdf movemyemail here

  robin_x 10 Jun 12

Paragon archives can be mounted (explored and browsed) you copy whatever you want out of the archive onto your new main drive or wherever.

How to link.

However, I just had a quick play with my copy of B&R 2012 Free and the only way I could do it was Archive Tab. Navigate to a folder in top right window and export. It was fiddly and faffy.

Maybe I missed something.

Unless you are wedded to Paragon, you might want to have a look at Macrium or Easeus instead. Double click to Mount Image file, then drag and drop. Much easier.

Image files cannot of course be 'Restored' since it will be to a new machine. (different OS and drivers etc)

Old comparison here. Still mostly applicable.

Always check/verify images and archives. They can occasionally be corrupt.

  ams4127 10 Jun 12

I used a far more simple method. I just copied the folders I wanted saved (Documents, Photos etc. etc.) to a couple of Flash drives. Then, having installed Win7, I just copied their contents back to where I wanted them.


  tony-guitar 10 Jun 12

Hi, thanks for your help. Paragon was free on the PC Advisor disc. I've never backed up before, but with this pc kinda playing up lately, and not wanting to lose everything, i'm trying my best to make the transition as easy as possible. I want to get a new pc built to my spec, fairly future proof for an old git like me,(1 Tb hdd, 16g ram,etc). Its the email stuff and work i've done for my band using Serif PagePlus and Canon's CD label print that i don't want to lose. - Tony


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